Getting to and from Colombo Katanayake International can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’re backpacking or on a budget.

There is a new highway, and subsequently an ‘express’ bus route that will take you from the Airport bus terminal to Fort in the commercial centre of colombo. From there you’ll need to either take a threewheeler or taxi to your destination. You can view the express bus route here.

You can take a taxi from the airport arrivals lounge, which costs around Rs2900/- to the centre of Colombo, with an extra Rs300/- to use the highway, which cuts the journey time considerably.

Kangaroo Cabs are currently offering an airport pick up for only Rs1700/- click here for more information

We have built this taxi share application in case you want to try and reduce the cost by sharing the journey with fellow travellers. It’s a simple system: you enter your email, arrival date and time and destination in the form and if we find a match within three hours of your arrival time we’ll create an email chain between you so that you can ‘e-meet’ and decide whether or not you’d like to share a taxi. You can then decide whether to book a taxi in advance or use one of the airport taxis.

Conditions etc:

Your data will be removed from the database once your arrival date has passed, and we promise not to harvest your email or use it to spam you with un wanted emails!

Since we are providing this service free of charge we can take no responsibility for you or your journey from the airport.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please enter it in the form below and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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If you have entered your journey incorrectly, or would like to change any details, simply enter your email below and press the 'Remove and Start Again' button to reset your data.

10 Responses to “Airport Taxi Share”

  1. Barbora

    Hi guys, we are coming to Colombo International Airport November 6th at about 4:30PM. I have alread filled in the taxi share thing but in case there is nobody to share the costs with two of us, any tips how to get to Sigiriya or anywhere near? Thanks.

  2. Michelle

    Hi, I am leaving Yala National Park on the 3-Oct and need to be at Colombo airport for my flight at 11pm. What is the best way to get back and what are the prices?

  3. Madison

    In general, how early do buses start running and how late do they continue to?

  4. Shrijit


    I will be reaching Colombo Airport by 5.30 am and I need to go to Colombo city (Mawatha). If I plan to take bus no 187, is the bus terminal inside the Airport or do I need to take a tuk tuk to the bus terminal?


    • adminbaz

      The bus terminal is a little way from the airport, so taking a Tuk might be your best bet. Sometimes the private busses stop at the terminal though, so you can ask when you get there

  5. Daniel

    what would be the best option to get around 7p.m. from airport to negombo or more to Kudapaduwa?
    Should I walk to Katanuyake bus station and “hope” for a pulic bus (905?). Or better take a tuk-tuk (which fares?).
    Thank you!

    • adminbaz

      Busses should be running…
      You can check the Tuk fair on our partner app
      You can also take an Uber… you might even be able to book in advance. Very competitive rates around Colombo.

  6. Sara Clemente

    I arrive at 5 am at the airport.


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