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Sri Lanka bus route number: 04

Bus route map image
From: Bastian Mawatha – Fort
To: Anuradhapura CTB

Also calling at:

Bastian Mawatha Terminal in Fort


Negombo (For Katunayaka International Airport)




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12 Replies to “04”

  1. May i know the bus schedule of no.4 from Anuradhapura to negombo? How many bus per day and the latest bus depart time, thanks

  2. Hello!
    What’s the bus schedule from A’pura to Negombo?
    Looking for a bus in the afternoon, after visiting Mihintale.
    Thank you!

  3. do I get the bus No 4 going around 7-8 am from airport to Beach Road near st. Antony church?


  4. What time does the 04 bus leave Puttalam and what time does it arrive in Anuradhapura? Also where are the actual bus stops? I’m looking at traveling on 22 January. Many thanks

  5. Hello, we need to know if there is a bus route that goes from negombo to nochchiyagama, or a route that stops near nochchiyagama, thank you very much.

  6. We are planning to travel from Negombo to Wilpattu NP in January 2019 for a stay at Wilpattu Dolosmahe guest house and a safari); a few questions please:
    – is it best to go by train from Negombo to Puttalam then by bus to Wilpattu junction or to do the whole journey by bus?
    – where do we get the bus in Negombo (or Puttallam) and what times do they leave?
    – Will the driver drop us off at Wilpattu junction?
    – Will the driver pick up at Wilpattu junction a few days later to continue to Anuradhapura?

    • The trains tend to be a bit infrequent and prone to delays, I think a bus will be faster. Since willpattu Park is very well known, it’s likely they will stop for you, however, check with the conductor.

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