Katunayake Airport Bus Station
Central Bus Stop – Fort

Getting to and from Colombo Airport

Busses run every half an hour from 5:30am – 6:30pm and a one way journey to the airport costs Rs110.

The journey takes around 45 minutes But it can stop up to 7 times before getting to the highway entrance at Peliyagoda depending on seats available.


This is the most direct bus route from the Colombo international airport, otherwise known as Katunayake, into the centre of Colombo as it takes the new airport expressway, which saves a considerable amount of time.

Busses run to and from the Katunayake Airport Bus Station, which is a short tuk-tuk ride from the airport arrivals lounge.

Unfortunately since tuk tuks are not allowed into the airport grounds they can to be taken from outside the arrivals pick-up area, take a left as you exit the airport and head out of the airport grounds, roughly 100m. You can use our fare calculator here to estimate the cost, or better still make sure your tuk tuk has a meter!

After 6:30pm some private 187 AC busses have been known to pull up at the arrivals area, but this service is at their discretion.

Alternatively a taxi from the airport costs around Rs2900 (+Rs300 if you want to use the expressway). We have built a taxi-sharing application so if you want to try meeting fellow travellers from the airport then why not enter your details and see if you find a match.

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8 Responses to “187 E-03”

  1. Ahmad

    Need to go airport from Colombo on 5th july at 1 am night

  2. Jude Soosairajah

    need a taxi to go to colombo Saturday night (3/9) around 8.30pm

  3. Jude Soosairajah

    need a taxi to go to colombo Saturday night (3/9) around 8.30pm from the airport

  4. Cordula

    I need to go to the airport in Colombo on December 4, starting from Beruwela which is on the west coast between Bentota and Kalutara. I would like to be at the airport at 5pm latest.

    • adminbaz

      You can take the Galle road busses, such as the 32, but you need to allow 2 to 3 hours at least

  5. Reuss

    Hey, i need a private bus or a share taxi at the 2 january at there still a bus?

    Anybody else?

  6. Jasitharan

    Any bus to Colombo from airport after 9pm?


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