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Sri Lanka bus route number: 08

Bus route map image
From: Bastian Mawatha – Fort
To: Matale (Colombo)
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8 Replies to “08”

  1. I want to be in mathale by 7am. What time bus should i catch from colombo fort?

  2. I know its late,but might be useful for other people….
    Colombo matale bus (CTB)- departures around 7.05pm to 7.20 pm

    • Hi, the busses don’t tend to run to a strict schedule, rather they go when they’re ready of full! But there are lots of busses so you should be ok

  3. May I know the schedule of the busses that goes to Matale from Colombo Forte after 6PM on the 20th August 2015?

  4. HI there, I was wondering what time the first bus leaves/last bus leaves and how frequently, from Colombo?
    Thank you

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