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Sri Lanka bus route number: 155

Bus route map image
From: Mattakkuliya
To: Soysapura

Also stops at:

Mt. Lavania




Colombo Campus



Armor Street



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14 Replies to “155”

  1. Sickening fu*king 155. It is one cu*t of an ah*le on the road. The sh*t is barely there and takes such pleasure talking off like its wh*re is on fire when as a c*ting rule it arrives awfully late in the first place.

  2. Worst bus available in colombo. Never comes on time to the bus stop.

  3. No ticket issued. Does anyone out there know what the real fare is? Many thanks

  4. Hello!
    If I want a bus to stop at the Maradana Police Bus station from HSBC wellawatte.
    Could you let me know, the buses that I need to take please?

  5. Can I please know if there is a 155 bus starting from Moratuwa stand in the morning? If so, the starting time. Thank you.

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