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Sri Lanka bus route number: 170

Bus route map image
From: Athurugiriya
To: Pettah

Also stops at:







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13 Replies to “170”

  1. At what time do the last buss leave from pettah in the evening ?
    (Last evening 170 buss from pettah )

  2. Does this route pass near the new immigration office so that I can renew my visa?
    If so what stop do I ask for & how much for the journey?

    • You can get off at the Borella junction and walk back. Journey price will depend on where you start from.

  3. Bus 170 route is wrong. this bus doesn’t go through Thunadahena. It starts at Athurugiriya and passes Koskandawila, Arangala then Malabe. The rest of the route seems correct.

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