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Sri Lanka bus route number: 190

Bus route map image
From: Central Bus Stop – Fort
To: Godagama

Also calling at:


Lake House

Town Hall

Eye Hospital


Ayurveda Junction





Hokandara North




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23 Replies to “190”

  1. Hi, Which bus route number going to eye hospital area from dehiwela? Is it 155 working or stopped?

  2. Can I know if there are direct buses from Wattala to Malabe or how to get there easily?

  3. Can i know which busses i should choose to travel to හෝකන්දර hokandara sadhana institue from borella bus station , and how much time it take approximately

  4. Can i know which buses should i choose from borella bus station to sadhana හෝකන්දර hokandara educational institue , and how long it takes approximately to reach

    • 170

      U can take from hokandarata to Borella.above each buses.

  5. can i know the time of the last bus from Pettah to Meegoda on today(07/12/19)

    • Sorry for the late reply, generally try to catch your bus before 10pm.

  6. Thank you so much. This is so useful. I use this whenever I need to know the bus routes.

    • Thanks for your feedback! Please keep using the site and send any suggestions for improvements to us!

    • The busses run into the evening, but to be safe try and catch one before 9pm

  7. Your work is very appreciable. It would be more helpful if you can keep the bus route map directly as a google map itself without converting it to an image. In that way, people in need of travel guide, can zoom in and out the google map and explore the route map with more valuable details.

    Also, it would be very nice if there is a search facility like “From bus stand A – To bus stand B” and in the search result appear all the buses that go through those bus stops.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately for us Google started charging money to use their maps API so we had a monthly bill of $180!! We will work out another solution soon.

  8. At what time does the last buss leave from fort/pettah in the evening ?
    (Last evening 190 buss from fort/pettah )

  9. What time is the bus start in the morning ?
    what time is the earliest bus ?

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