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Sri Lanka bus route number: 32/4

Bus route map image
From: Bastian Mawatha – Fort
To: Tangalle

Bastian Mawatha – Fort











Ahangama (Kabalana)






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26 Replies to “32/4”

  1. Hi, I want to travel from Beruwala to Mirissa. Is there a bus and do you have a time schedule? Thank you and Ayubowan. Barbara

  2. Hi, I want to travel from Beruwala to Mirissa in April. Which bus can I take and do you have a time schedule for it? Thank you. Ayubowan. Barbara

  3. Hey,
    I wanna travel from Trinco to Colombo –
    is there only a fast night-bus?
    Is it better to take the bus or the night train?
    Thank you very much for an answer…

    • You can take bus no48: https://routemaster.lkbus/49/ . The journey should cost Rs1041/- you can book using You can call 0115 116 117 for more information. From what I’ve heard the train is not particularly comfortable and takes a long time!

  4. Hi there,
    I need to go from Negombo do Hiriketiya. From what I see, my best option is going from Colombo down to Matara, right? However, I can’t figure out the times and origin of the highway bus. Can you please help me? Also, if there is a better way, let me know. Thanks

    • The highway busses are definitely the fastest and most comfortable. From Matara you can get another bus along the coast, or splash out on a threewheeler! There are airport highway busses into Fort in the centre of Colombo, but you’d have to get to the airport I think. Then from Fort you can get a highway bus, but it’s almost easier to get a theewheeler to Maharagama and pick up the highway bus from there.

  5. Hello, I am landing at 28-02-2019 at 3pm – I think I will be at Fort at 4:30om…I wanna go to Induruwa – when does the bus leave?

    • These buses leave frequently throughout the day, you won’t have to wait long.

  6. Hello, we are get to going 8.2.2019 from Colombo to Dikwela. Where am i find timetable departure from Colombo bus station? Thank you very much. Robert

    • It would be more comfortable to get the highway bus to Matara and then either a bus or three-wheeler (tuk tuk) along to Dickwela. The highway busses leave from
      maharagama . Look for EX 001

  7. Hello where can i find timetable for 32/4 bus mirissa to tangalle leaving tomorrow morning

    thamk you

  8. Tell me, please, when will this bus leave Tangalle in the evening so I can be at the airport at 01-00 ? How often does he go to? How much is a ticket? Can I book a ticket in advance?

  9. Hi,
    I will land today at 7:30 and take a bus from the airport to Colombo.
    When does the last bus leave for tangalle from Colombo fort?

  10. Can we take this bus from Tangalle to Mirissa without changing in Matara ?

    • Yes you should be able to since it runs the whole of the South coast up to Colombo…

  11. Hi
    What time does the bus leave Marissa to tangalle on Saturday 13 January.

  12. Is it possible to take this bus all the way from Colombo to Tangalle?

    How do I get from the airport to where the bus leaves?

    What is the timetable for busses on January 2nd?

    How much does the bus cost?

    Thank you for answering all the questions!!

  13. Hello! How long will take from Bastian Mawatha – Fort to Matara by Bus No. 32/4?

  14. Hi, I need your help. We will arrive to Colombo on 20.3.2017 in the evening at 9 p.m. and we will need go to Kumarakanda. Can you help me how we can go to this city and which buses we can use?

    Thank you very much.

  15. Can you tell me what time the 32/4 bus leaves
    Tangalle between 13.00 hours and 19.00 hours.
    I would like to get off at Hikkaduwa.
    Is that possible?
    Many thanks. Catherine

    • The bus probably goes when it’s ready! You should be able to get off at Hikkaduwa no problem – but mention it to the conductor.

  16. What time do buses leave Tangalle tomorrow between 13.00 and 18.00 hours. We want to go from Tangalle to Hikkaduwa. Thank you.

    • from every 20min.and also u can catch some super luxuary buses from sltb stand it is leaving from pettah @2.30p.m

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