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Sri Lanka bus route number: 49

Bus route map image
From: Bastian Mawatha – Fort
To: Trincomalee

Also calling at:






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12 Replies to “49”

  1. Hello, line 49 welawatta to Trincomalee.
    On which adress does the bustop in Colmbo??

  2. Hello, we would like to take this night bus to Trinco in late september. When will you publish timetables for september? Also, is the bus equiped with toilet? Or if necessary would it be possible to make a bio break? Thank you

  3. hi,
    does this bus leave trinco at 11 pm and arrive at Colombo 6 am

  4. Hello, I am travelling on the 25th of June from Colombo to trincomalee. I would like to catch the bus, but I can’t seem to find any information, I can only find night busses. Can someone tell me if there is some buses that run in the day time too? Many thanks

  5. I want to go trincomalee.. i live in gampaha… I want to know this bus rout to trinco.. how will i catch this bus?

    • I’m aftaid we don’t have that information yet, if you find the bus let us know and we will add it

  6. Hi
    I would like to order 2 tickets of Sri Lanka Bus No. 49.
    The route is from Colombo to Trincomalee but we will stop at Damubulla, in this way, do we still pay the amount of Rs.980 each ticket?
    Also, is there any detail information on this bus route? for example the address of the bus stop?

  7. I want to go to Dambulla from Colombo on December. I think by bus is the best options. What is the frecuency of bus No 49? Always stops in Dambulla??
    Thank you so much for all

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